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The presence of women in the world university


The presence of women in academia, as full professors and in management positions, is essential for the development of scientific knowledge, but also for society, because they are examples and role models. 

The presence of women at the top of the hierarchy is a requirement of integrity and quality.

The presence of women at the head of educational establishments is a legal requirement for accreditation.

Higher education institutions and other institutions in the higher education sector have a quality control system to ensure that tasks are carried out in such a way as to encourage equal opportunities and genuine gender equality. (Art. 30 HFKG)

"If we hired only women for new posts in universities today, we would achieve parity by... 2060! "

​Further information: 

  • Presentation of structural (ppt)

  • Presentation of 500 WomenScientists (ppt)

  • Presentation by PD Dr. Med. Natalie Urwyler (ppt)

  • SRF contribution 10vor10:link

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